Our CLT programs are designed around a modular format with teaching and instruction provided at regular intervals and counseling projects, including skills development and reading, for completion in between.

While the training itself binds us together as those who counsel biblically, how we approach our training is a key factor in how we produce good disciplers of others. It is our philosophy of education that ensures we are raising up generations of international leaders who are equipped to faithfully carry on the practice of training believers to be compassionate, humble, and wise biblical counselors.

Our standard program includes the following four Modules:

Module 1: Biblical Counseling: What Is It?

The goal for this module is to define a Biblical sufficiency-based model of personal ministry as well as the nature of personal spiritual growth. The student who completes Module 1 will receive instruction in seventeen specific areas of discipleship ministry.

Module 2: Biblical Counseling: How Do You Do It?

The goal for this module is teach the process and procedures of Biblical counseling. The student who completes Module 2 will receive instruction in twenty areas specifically related to how to wisely and effectively counsel someone biblically.

Module 3: Biblical Counseling: How Do You Do It More Effectively?

The goal for this module is to teach how to think about and address common counseling issues from God’s perspective. The student who completes Module 3 will receive instruction in a variety of common issues people face, including in their marriages, families, work, relationships, and other key areas of life.

Module 4*: Biblical Counseling: How Do You Share It?

The goal for this module is provide church pastors and elders with the tools to develop a local church Biblical counseling and training center. The pastor or elder who completes this Module 4 will learn how to prepare and cultivate their church for starting and growing a vital discipleship ministry, including Biblical counseling.

*OIC is also planning to develop a second Module 4 in the coming months that could be offered concurrently with the “Biblical Counseling: How Do You Share It?” module, so make sure to check back for more details.

If you are interested in more details about the specific topics and areas of interest covered in each Module, please see the attached information.

If you are a local church pastor or elder interested in our Church Leadership Training, please check our Events Calendar for programs offered in your area.

If no programs are currently offered in your church’s region, please contact us using the below form so we can connect with you about available options.

As OIC is a Certified Training Center with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC), completion of our CLT program also fully satisfies the Fundamentals Training Course requirement of the ACBC certification process.