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Testimonies from CLT Attendees

Before this course, I was a short-tempered man. I rush/reacted very fast when someone offended me but due to this course, I realize I must examine myself thoroughly with God’s word. I thank God because He is giving us His faithful men to teach us with His word for instance Pastor Tom Maxham. He is faithful and humble. He also lives a good lifestyle with his wife so he was also teaching me through his lifestyle. I learned a lot from it.

It has changed my life too much. May I take back this material hope to train others.

I received total change of my life through this teaching and has enabled me to also counsel my people. I say thanks to the work you have done to us and may God give that heart not to cease. Continue to help, and God bless you more and more as God continues to work through you for us Ugandans and other nations.”

Looking at the material, it just brings me to see that God has not left us alone to battle our Christian life. With this material I am now able to understand how to apply God’s word in my daily life and all areas of my life and also able to help better do so. Glory be to God, amen. I am so inspired by the way you handle God’s word with accuracy and love for it. Not only saying the word but a doer of the word. You have shown me a good example of Christian walk with real truth.”

It has changed my life totally. I am also going to teach the rest of my people in our ministry or even our local churches. The professor made a clear explanation on this teaching and has made me love my wife, children, even relatives at large.

Module 2 students at Chernigiv, Ukraine

Glory be to God most high for having brought you to Uganda to be used by Him for His own glory. I have experienced a complete life change in my life and even the way I relate with my fellows. It is very good material of learning and how you have presented it was fantastic to me. Why? It causes life change.”

Testimonies from Graduate Program Attendees

“I thought Biblical Counseling is another form of Christian Psychology which if more of an integration of biblical principles and psychological principles of helping people’s problems. However, I am wrong. I’m beginning to condition my mind and embrace it in my heart that Christian Psychology and Biblical Counseling is not the same. Moreover, integrating psychology and biblical truths is not completely helpful and not God-glorifying.I realized that as a pastor who believes in the sufficiency of the scriptures, that all we need pertaining to life and godliness is available to us in Christ and His Word, I should stand firm, as this course has taught me, and prepare myself to use the all-sufficient Word of God to address, help, and resolve even the most difficult cases of human problems. It is such a privilege to learn from the course, “genuine” soul care.”

Biblical Counseling has actually convicted me that I am drifting away from the truth unconsciously – God has broken me this week in a way that I realize my effectivity as a counselor depends upon how God changed my heart first before I can deal with other people’s heart. I can say God used this course to put me right back on track with a God-honoring life and ministry.”

All people, not just students of behavioral sciences, have been greatly influenced by psychology. This course tremendously changed my perspective on the sufficiently of God’s Word to deal with soul care, because God Himself is the soul-giver and He alone knows everything that’s best for us. I’ve been rebuked through this course that I’m not using the Bible sufficiently to address my (informal) counselees’ needs. I’ve been passionate to counsel, but not biblically. After all even counseling should be through God’s power and for His glory alone.

This course made me more eager to study the scriptures deeper and more accurately. I may learn all the needed principles in counseling, but if I do not study and study God’s Word, I can never be efficient. The Bible should be my very manual in giving all my counsels and I realized I should know it much better. And before anything else, I should be transformed/counseled first by God’s Word before I can counsel with God’s Word. I’ve been encouraged to read more reliable books, too, and be an active learner, not just passive.

This course made me see better and think better of ways I can be a much more effective Biblical Counselor that I’ve never been to my family and friends and others. This made me become more intentional and accountable to them. The principle “The problem is not the problem; the heart is the problem” has been a good slap for me, redirecting me to focus on what the real aim should be- total surrender to Jesus. In line with this, I’ve been praying to share basic/introductory principles of biblical counseling to my reliable co-workers at church, convinced that biblical counseling is what every believer really needs to get re-directed in our walk with Christ. Thank you so much Dr. Wayne. This week has been life-changing.”

What Others are Saying

Dr. Heath Lambert - testimonial image

Dr. Heath Lambert

Senior Pastor
First Baptist Church, Jacksonville, FL

“I am so grateful for the ministry of OIC. We live in a world that desperately needs to know how to connect the good news of Jesus to the problems of people. OIC is a crucial way that this connection is being made.”

Dr. Stuart Scott - testimonial image

Dr. Stuart Scott

Professor of Biblical Counseling
The Master’s University, CA

“I’m so thankful for OIC and its outreach to the world with training in biblical sufficiency-based soul care. In light of the growing interest in various countries concerning Biblical Counseling, what a joy to know that OIC is bringing these practical truths of biblical counseling to our global church family.”

Brad Bigney - testimonial image

Rev. Brad Bigney

Senior Pastor
Grace Fellowship Church, Florence, KY

“Wayne and Susie have learned what it takes to promote an ongoing indigenous Biblical Counseling movement – developing national trainers and leaders. We are excited as a church to be partnering with OIC in this effective disciple-making work.”

Dr. Andrew Rogers

Executive Director
Overseas Instruction in Counseling

“Serving with OIC in Egypt and Ukraine was a great way for me to express what has been on my heart for many years, helping train and equip God’s people worldwide in biblical counseling. It was exciting to see the universal applicability of this training. Praise be to God!”

Dr. Nicolas Ellen - testimonial image

Dr. Nicolas Ellen

Professor of Biblical Counseling
College of Biblical Studies, Houston, TX

“It was a wonderful experience to serve with OIC in Ukraine and in Lebanon in 2013. We learned that God will take you to places you never thought possible when you are willing to walk in faith.”

Dr. Robert Kellemen - testimonial image

Dr. Robert W. Kellemen

Vice President & Academic Dean
Faith Bible Seminary, IN

“Dr. Wayne Vanderwier is the leading international biblical counseling educator in the world and OIC is the leading international ministry equipping biblical counselors for the church.”

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