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Strengthening churches around the world through biblical counseling.


Biblical counseling worldwide

There is a worldwide need for training pastors and Christian leaders who desire to counsel biblically. Overseas Instruction in Counseling exists to provide quality training in biblical counseling so that international leaders are equipped to faithfully carry on the practice of training believers to be compassionate, humble, and wise biblical counselors.

OIC continues to be blessed by the Lord as we receive invitations to train in more and more areas of the world. In the first 16 years of our ministry, OIC has started training programs in over 30 countries. Where there are people, there is a need to train pastors, church leaders, and congregants that will care for the church body biblically, growing in all knowledge and application of the truth.


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Strengthening churches through biblical counseling in over 50 countries…


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809, 2019
Toward a Comprehensive Plan for the Continuing Education of Certified Biblical Counselors, Part 2

Part Two of this article is simply a copy of the certification maintenance protocol that has been created and is being enacted by Biblical Soul Care Philippines, one of the by-nationals, for-nationals, culture-specific, biblical counseling certification organizations created through the work of Overseas Instruction in Counseling in fulfillment of its strategic objective.

702, 2019
Biblical Counseling around the World: Leading Short-Term International Biblical Counseling Training Programs – without Leaving Your Ministry!

What neglected ministry skill training most powerfully changes pastors – thereby strengthening churches – causing them to more faithfully fulfill the Great Commission by becoming more intentional and effective in their disciple-making? Biblical counseling – or, more broadly, soul care – training, of course!

Change a life today

Training leaders to counsel biblically means increasing opportunities for brothers and sisters in Christ to grow in sanctification. It means Christians focusing on the answers the Bible has for our daily troubles. It means watching lives be transformed by the Holy Spirit!

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