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Strengthening churches around the world through biblical counseling.

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Biblical counseling worldwide

There is a worldwide need for training pastors and Christian leaders who desire to counsel biblically. Overseas Instruction in Counseling exists to provide quality training in biblical counseling so that international leaders are equipped to faithfully carry on the practice of training believers to be compassionate, humble, and wise biblical counselors.

OIC continues to be blessed by the Lord as we receive invitations to train in more and more areas of the world. In the first 16 years of our ministry, OIC has started training programs in over 30 countries. Where there are people, there is a need to train pastors, church leaders, and congregants that will care for the church body biblically, growing in all knowledge and application of the truth.


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Strengthening churches through biblical counseling in over 50 countries…


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OIC Insider – September Update

   In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. . . And God saw everything that He had made, and behold, it was very good.Genesis 1:1, 31a OIC EventsRecentJuly 2023 Two MABC

1403, 2022
The Word of the Lord is Living and Active

As the ministry of Overseas Instruction in Counseling (OIC) continues to expand to the far corners of the globe, Bryan and Susan Nevin have the opportunity of ministering to Christian brothers and sisters in Mexico, just to the south of the border with the U.S. Bryan's story displays a deep and abiding passion to see the nations not only hear the gospel and come to Christ as Savior, but also to develop deep and personal relationships with the Lord that bleed into local church communities and beyond. . .

2502, 2022
Him We Proclaim: The Preeminence of Christ and the Sufficiency of Scripture

Javan Payne is convinced that biblical counseling is essential for teaching disciples of Christ to “obey all that Jesus commanded.” He believes that the Word of God, namely the Bible, is sufficient for everything that it speaks to, and it speaks to all life. It “is not just sufficient in some abstract, academic sense but every moment of every day, it is sufficient!” Therefore, Javan heartily desires that “people will understand this reality and not limit the scope of Scripture.” . . .

1102, 2022
Comfort Received, Comfort Given

“We had a front row seat to God’s work with missionaries around the world through our documentary projects. We listened to so many missionary stories and heard their heartaches and struggles. We knew God’s Word had the answers but didn’t know how to help them,” stated Krista, “Because we felt like we didn’t have the answers in our own marriage.” Through this, God led Joel and Krista to Biblical counseling, and their hearts rejoiced as Scripture-driven soul care revolutionized their marriage. . .

Change a life today

Training leaders to counsel biblically means increasing opportunities for brothers and sisters in Christ to grow in sanctification. It means Christians focusing on the answers the Bible has for our daily troubles. It means watching lives be transformed by the Holy Spirit!

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