Our Vision Statement

Our vision is to glorify God through the spiritual strengthening of believers and churches around the world. The Apostle Paul is best known as a church planting missionary. But Paul didn’t just begin churches and leave them on their own. A vital part of his ministry was church strengthening, a ministry he accomplished both through personal visits (Acts 14:22; 15:41; 18:23) and through letters. Because developing – sometimes already mature – Christian ministries now exist in most places in the world, OIC is a church strengthening ministry. We exist to help the church provide biblical sufficiency-based soul care for believers that are struggling with the challenges of living in a fallen world among fallen people. Our training strengthens churches in their ministry of restoring broken believers to the grace of God.

Our Mission

Overseas Instruction in Counseling exists to train pastors and Christian leaders to be Biblical counseling trainers in countries around  the world.

Our Training Programs

Our Strategic Objective

Our strategic objective is to assist in the initial creation and/or continuing development of national, culture-specific, biblical counseling certifying organizations.

The picture to the left is of the Filipino pastors and Christian leaders signing the legal documents establishing Biblical Soul Care Philippines.

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