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A Word From Our Executive Director

Welcome to the OIC Website! I invite you to browse around and get acquainted with what God is doing through this unique ministry. I think you will be excited to see all that is being accomplished by our team for His glory!

Dr. Wayne A. Vanderwier


Happy Birthday to Us!

Surprising? Yes. Because when God led us to launch an international biblical counseling training ministry 11 years ago we didn’t know how to do it or if anyone would support it!

In the meantime we’ve learned a lot – usually through mistakes – and have been amazed at the ways God has provided for us. So far this year our nine missionaries have served Christ in Ch*na, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Fiji, Belize, Guatemala, Ecuador, Egypt, Ukraine, Uganda, Russia, Japan, Germany, France, and Hungary. And there are more new countries scheduled in the second half of the year!

And the results? A pastor wrote: “If there’s a country that needs biblical counseling, it’s Uganda. I never knew counseling was pointing people to Christ!”

And one of our graduate students sent this note: “Thank you for your sacrificial commitment in making biblical counseling training available around the world! It has changed my life; I am a better woman, wife, mother and friend because of God’s truth working in me. I have a passion for God’s Word like never before. To God be the glory!”

The story of God’s work through OIC was just published this week as an interview that you can read by clicking on this link.

We are so very grateful for the goodness of God throughout these early years of the ministry of OIC.

Our Vision Statement

Our vision is to glorify God through the spiritual strengthening of believers and churches around the world. The Apostle Paul is best known as a church planting missionary. But Paul didn’t just begin churches and leave them on their own. A vital part of his ministry was church strengthening, a ministry he accomplished both through personal visits (Acts 14:22; 15:41; 18:23) and through letters. Because developing – sometimes already mature – Christian ministries now exist in most places in the world, OIC is a church strengthening ministry. We exist to help the church provide biblical sufficiency-based soul care for believers that are struggling with the challenges of living in a fallen world among fallen people. Our training strengthens churches in their ministry of restoring broken believers to the grace of God.

Our Mission

Overseas Instruction in Counseling exists to train pastors and Christian leaders to be Biblical counseling trainers in countries around  the world.


Our Training Programs

We accomplish our Mission Statement in three ways:

  1. Church Leadership Training Programs
  2. Graduate Academic Degree Programs
  3. Introduction to Biblical Counseling Seminars

Our Strategic Objective

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 6.20.50 PMOur strategic objective is to assist in the initial creation and/or continuing development of national, culture-specific, biblical counseling certifying organizations.

The picture to the left is of the Filipino pastors and Christian leaders signing the legal documents establishing Biblical Soul Care Philippines.

Praise and Prayer Updates

  • Thank the Lord with us for a successful Spring ministry conducting Church Leadership Training programs in France, Germany, Japan, Jordan, Russia, Uganda, and Ukraine!
  • Praise the Lord for our students in Cohort 2 of the MABC who will be graduating from Kyiv Theological Seminary, May 20, 2017.
  • We praise our Lord for His continued provision for the ministry of OIC!
  • We thank the Lord for faithful prayer warriors, each an important part of the OIC team.
  • Please pray for our growing OIC missionary team.
  • Please pray for the preparation of new ministries in Belize, the Caspian Region, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Singapore, and Thailand.
  • Please pray for the students in our new MABC programs beginning in July and September, 2017. (See article below.)
  • Please pray for wisdom as we work to complete our Church Leadership Training Manual for our country directors.

New MABC Classes to Begin!


In the Philippines:

We will begin the first set of classes for the Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling degree program in Iloilo City, Iloilo on July 10, 2017. If you are interested in pursuing a MABC through Doane Baptist Seminary, Iloilo, Philippines, CLICK ON THIS LINK for more information.


In Ukraine:

We will begin classes for Cohort 4 of the Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling degree program in Kyiv, Ukraine on September 4, 2017. If you are interested in pursuing a MABC through Kyiv Theological Seminary, Kyiv, Ukraine, CLICK ON THIS LINK for more information.

In Jordan:

We will begin classes in the Biblical Counseling concentration of the Master of Biblical Studies degree in Amman, Jordan on September 21, 2017. If you are interested in pursuing a MBS through the National Theological College and Graduate School,  CLICK ON THIS LINK for more information.

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