Training Biblical Counseling Trainers

Based on 2 Timothy 2:2, OIC teaches the principles of Biblical Counseling from the Word of God to faithful men who will train others also.

That statement may cause you to ask a very important question: What do you mean by “biblical counseling?”

In simple terms, biblical counseling is the ministry of graciously applying the truths of the Bible to the challenges of life.

We believe and teach that the Bible speaks authoritatively to every issue of life. More specifically, we believe that the Bible ultimately points people to a Person – Jesus Christ as Savior, Lord, and Redeemer – so real change occurs when people learn to understand themselves and their problems in the context of a living, vital relationship with Christ.

Here are the main means we use to train, support, and encourage Biblical counseling trainers:

Additional Ministries

Missionary Soul Care

While our main ministry work is to train biblical counseling trainers worldwide, we see and hear about the significant need of missionaries and other foreign field workers, particularly disaster relief workers, for biblical soul care. So, we are encouraged to be able to provide a new ministry aspect, namely soul care for missionaries and disaster relief workers.

Resource Translation

We are currently involved in various translation work that seeks to make our program content and other biblical counseling resources available to a greater amount of people. Gifted individuals work to translate our curriculum materials and have also completed 60 other resources in Arabic alone. This is a part of OIC’s ministry that is constantly growing and developing.