Gary & Peg Meeks

Gary & Peg Meeks


Gary serves as the Director of Operations for OIC.  The Director of Operations collaborates with other departmental directors to ensure the day to day success of OIC, as well as the achievement of goals and objectives for the organization.

The Director utilizes and coordinates human, financial, technological, intellectual and other resources to help ensure that all operations point to the glory of God and the furtherance of OIC objectives.

Gary & Peg’s Story

Peg and I became involved with biblical counseling as recipients in 2003 as we needed the Lord’s intervention in our lives.  Our desire grew to be conduits of such grace we had received, by willingly moving towards the broken, the struggling and the desperate in need of God’s Word to bear upon the problems we face.

OIC came about as a result Gary and Andrew Rogers working side by side for several church and dreaming together of what it would be like to team up together to take biblical counseling to the worlds pastors, missionaries, lay leaders and anyone else who lined up to hear.

Peg and I met at College Park Church in Indianapolis in 1994, married in 1996.  Chad was born in 2000 and after losing a set of twin girls in 2001/2002, we set our sights on adopting Molly in 2005 from Guatemala.  Gary and Peg also own SpaceMakers, a home service and concierge business, and also both counsel as contractors for Pure Life Ministries.

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