Joe & Deb Petrone

OIC Greece Coordinator

Region of Service: Greece

Joe’s Story

I became a follower of Christ at age 43. God has presented amazing ministry opportunities in the marketplace, in parachurch, and church ministry programs.

In the marketplace, I designed and presented training programs across strategy, sales, and marketing training. I also had senior leadership positions for a domestic and international sales organization. Both of these opportunities presented many evangelism opportunities.

In parachurch and church ministries, I was focused on cultivating relationships with partners who were families and churches. I also was responsible for educating churches on a biblical approach to estate planning. This resulted in greater love for God, His Word, and His church.

If the Lord wills, I will be graduating from The Master’s University during the summer of 2022 with a MABC and will be ACBC certified. I am presently on the counseling team at Compass Bible Church in Aliso Viejo and have the privilege to lead a home fellowship group with my wife Deb. God is taking and molding us not only individually to be more like Christ but also as a group to act as the church. I also am certified in addiction counseling through The Addiction Connection.

Deb and I will be married 40 years in September 2023. We met in Pittsburgh, PA. All the while, God is faithful and we hope to continue to educate and learn wherever, whenever, and with whomever He desires.