Rev. Rod & Mary Huber, OIC Central America Director

On February 2, 2016, we witnessed the birth of Biblical Soul Care Philippines, a Philippine national certifying organization completely lead by our graduates. We praise the Lord for Rev. Robbie Casas, pastor of Guiding Light Christian Church in Baguio, who was chosen to lead the new organization.
Now that our work in the Philippines is nearing completion, we have reached out to the countries of Central America. Having already made a survey trip to several countries on the peninsula, we began our Church Leadership Training Programs in Belize and El Salvador this year. We have also scheduled training in Honduras to begin in 2019.
We need and appreciate your ongoing prayers for OIC in Central America.

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Rod & Mary’s Story

Mary and I were brought up in Christian homes.  Four months after we were married we both witnessed an automobile accident in which a man died.  God used this accident to convict us of our sin and the need for Jesus Christ as our personal Savior from sin and eternal death.

As I neared retirement age I had a longing to teach younger pastors what I had learned as a pastor.  At one point I met with Dr. Wayne Vanderwier and asked him if OIC would have a place for Mary and me. Dr. Vanderwier graciously found a spot for us.  We were not prepared for the wonderful blessings that followed.  The church, the world over, desperately needs biblical counseling training in this age of humanistic values and philosophy.

We believe it is a tremendous privilege to be part of an organization like OIC.  Because priority is given to training pastors and church leaders how to counsel biblically, the entire church has the potential to learn how to best build itself up in love.  Today, I serve as an associate pastor with Faith Evangelical Bible Church in Valparaiso Indiana. Our church family allows us to travel as missionaries with OIC and work as the associate pastor of our church.  I currently serve as OIC Director for the Philippines.

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