Our OIC Missionaries

The ministry of Overseas Instruction in Counseling has been so blessed by the Lord bringing highly qualified, amazing missionaries to join with us in bringing the ministry of biblical counseling to the world.
To learn more about each of these servants of God and the field(s) that they serve,
click on their profile picture below.
Mike & Sherry DeGuzman

OIC Missionaries Unassigned

Rod & Mary Huber

OIC Central America Multinational Coordinator

Ben & Fiona Khong

OIC Communications Coordinator

Dr. Mark & Barbara Mann

OIC W. Europe Regional Coordinator

Adrian & Jennifer Martinez

OIC Oceania Multinational Coordinator

Tom & Patty Maxham

OIC East Africa Multinational Coordinator

Gary & Peg Meeks
Gary & Peg Meeks

OIC Director of Operations

Dr. Joe & Tara Miller

OIC Japan National Coordinator

Tarkus & Autumn Mossberg

OIC Alaska Coordinator

Andrei & Olya Murzin

OIC Ukraine National Coordinator

Bryan & Susan Nevin

OIC Mexico National Coordinator

Stepan & Natasha Pavlyuk

OIC Russia National Coordinator

Javan & Lindsay Payne

OIC Italy & Utah Coordinator

Doug & Sue Roberts

OIC Missionaries On Temporary Leave

Dr. Andrew & Jenny Rogers

OIC Executive Director

Dr. Don & Elizabeth Roy

OIC Madagascar Coordinator & Missions Administrator

Dan & Mam Rutledge

OIC Thailand National Coordinator

Mark Smith
Mark & Janet Smith

OIC Missionary Unassigned

Dr. Tom & Amanda Sugimora

OIC East Asia Coordinator

Dr. Wayne & Susie Vanderwier

OIC Director at Large

Tiago & Ariane Wagner

OIC Brazil Coordinator

Nic & Amy Wassell

OIC Ethiopia National Coordinator

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