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Dr. Don & Elizabeth Roy, OIC Western Europe Director

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a915702074fe9e653e3980375678a9d0We’re headed back to Europe in November 2017 to teach Module 4 in France. We completed our program in Germany in April and we’re currently talking with the elders of another church in southern Germany who want us to start a program there in the Spring of 2018. Also in April, Tarkus and Autumn Mossberg represented OIC at the Gospel 21 Conference in Hamburg, Germany.  There were people from all over Europe at the conference, so we’ll see what the Lord does in terms of new pastors who might desire our training. In May, we went to Paris to teach Module 3 with an enthusiastic group there (as they are everywhere we go!).

Prayer Requests:
  • That the Lord would bless our teaching time in the Fall in such as way that the church in Europe is strengthened.
  • That God would use the Gospel 21 Conference to connect us with people who resonate with OIC’s mission and strategic objective.
  • That God would make known to us where he would have us go after we complete Module 4 this year in all three locations where we are currently teaching.

Don’s Story

unnamed-2I grew up very religious and looked to my good works as the way to heaven.  At the end of my junior year of college in 1977, I was experiencing an emptiness in my life. Though I had accomplished most everything I wanted to through high school and college, each achievement failed to being the fulfillment I had come to expect. Right at that time, God saved my father who, in turn, asked if I would read some books he wanted to send to me. I read the books, was captivated by the descriptions of a relationship with Jesus and immediately prayed the sinner’s prayer at the back of the book. Through a 30 year Navy career, 4 years working at a local consulting company, and raising 10 children, God was gracious as both my wife and I learned and grew spiritually over the years. Like my wife, I started counseling as a ministry and was certified by ACBC in 2006. I left my job at the end of 2011 to pursue a DMin in Biblical Counseling and began teaching biblical counseling in churches and prisons in my area. Working with OIC was a natural fit since counseling and teaching biblical counseling has become a passion and one way in which I can serve God’s people.

I started serving with OIC in May of 2014 when we accompanied Wayne and Susie on a survey trip to the Netherlands, followed by an observation trip to Word of Life Hungary.  Since then, I helped Wayne teach an Intro to Biblical Counseling Seminar in Amsterdam and have been coordinating the start of a Modular program in the Netherlands, Germany and France.  I’m excited to see what God is doing in Western Europe as opportunities to bring biblical counseling training to the church in Europe are also opening up in England with the possibility of other counties soon to follow.

Elizabeth’s Story

roysHaving grown up in a non-Christian home that was full of strife, I moved out on my own while still young.  I found a job to provide for myself and pay for college. At age 22, while working as a bank teller, one of my co-workers witnessed to me frequently and invited me to church.  At one point, I agreed to attend just to get him to stop bothering me. While at the service, the preacher spoke about having a personal relationship with Jesus, which was an entirely new concept to me.  I went home and asked God that, if this was true, to show Himself to me. That night, I was convicted of my sins and wanted nothing more than to know more about Jesus. A week later, I met Don.  We married about a year later and have enjoyed growing in our relationship with God and serving Him together. I became interested in biblical counseling because it is really about applying Scripture to our lives in very practical ways. I love to share the glorious Good News with people and biblical counseling is a special part of that.

My first ministry has always been to my husband and my family.  We’ve been married for 36 years and I homeschooled all ten of our children – and am still homeschooling the youngest three. Throughout the years, women would often come to me for counsel, so I sought training and was certified by the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC) in 2005. Since then, I have counseled both formally and informally as occasions arise and serve as a support to my husband as we frequently minister together.

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