Testimonies of God’s Grace


It all started in July 2006 when I was already working as a Christian school pastor.  Ever since I became a pastor, I had been into the counseling ministry because I enjoyed helping people make life beautiful, happy, and meaningful.  However, it was at that time when I myself needed one.

I thought I needed a breather, so an invitation to attend a Biblical Counseling conference was, to me, not really an option worth considering, but a real need of my weary soul.  I had just completed my “12 Steps to Recovery” program in another mega church early that summer when my wife’s psychiatrist advised her to get me into a support group to manage my anger issues (which, I find funny now, to think that I was the one sent to it instead of the patient).  But things got more confusing as far as my view of spiritual rest and my relationship with my wife were concerned.  Thus, I was not really expecting much from the biblical counseling conference, thinking that it was going to be just another one of those seminars where the same old teachings I already knew would be discussed, but I attended anyway.

On just the first day of the training, I already found myself crying.  I was convicted of having sinned against God and against His Word.  I realized that although I profess that I believe the sufficiency of the Scriptures in all of life’s concerns, I never truly practiced it in my counseling ministry.  That rebuke from the Holy Spirit changed me radically.  Psalm 119:9 says, “How can a young man cleanse his way? By taking heed according to Your word.” God used the OIC ministry for me to go back to the Scriptures, this time “rightly dividing the Word of Truth.” I learned that God wants His Word to be used for His glory and for His kingdom agenda, not mine.

The following truths and principles totally changed my view of the counseling ministry:

  • The goal of counseling is to glorify God.
  • The Scriptures is sufficient for all issues of life.
  • The right way to obey and realize the Great Commission through a biblical counseling ministry to have every believer in the local church involved. Christians really can’t trust humanistic psychology because of its unbiblical views of man (anthropology).
  • The redeeming work of Christ on the cross is vital to biblical counseling wherein the focus is on inward transformation of the heart instead of outward behavior modification.

God used OIC as an instrument to make me go back to the Word and to regard theology in a more practical way.  I call this “truths in action.”  Since then, the ministry of helping people has never been more exciting.

I was asked by our beloved Pastor Rod Huber to share this testimony, and one aspect of my testimony is to tell you how God changed my marriage and family life.  So, I thought it best to have my wife testify of God’s work of grace in our lives from her point of view.  And even though it’s quite risky for me to ask her to do this because she is always honest when she relates our relationship with others, I still took the challenge, so here it goes….

What Others Are Saying

Dr. Heath Lambert

Executive Director, Association of Certified Biblical Counselors
I am so grateful for the ministry of OIC. We live in a world that desperately needs to know how to connect the good news of Jesus to the problems of people. OIC is a crucial way that this connection is being made.

Dr. Stuart Scott

Professor of Biblical Counseling, The Master's College,CA

I’m so thankful for OIC and its outreach to the world with training in biblical sufficiency-based soul care. In light of the growing interest in various countries concerning Biblical Counseling, what a joy to know that OIC is bringing these practical truths of biblical counseling to our global church family.

Rev. Brad Bigney

Senior Pastor, Grace Fellowship Church, Florence, KY
Wayne and Susie have learned what it takes to promote an ongoing indigenous Biblical Counseling movement – developing national trainers and leaders. We are excited as a church to be partnering with OIC in this effective disciple-making work.

Dr. Robert Kellemen

VP of Institutial Development ; Crossroads Bible University
Dr. Wayne Vanderwier is the leading international biblical counseling educator in the world and OIC is the leading international ministry equipping biblical counselors for the church.

Rev. Andrew Rogers

Biblical Counseling Program Director, Boyce College, Louisville, KY

Serving with OIC in Egypt and Ukraine was a great way for me to express what has been on my heart for many years, helping train and equip God’s people worldwide in biblical counseling. It was exciting to see the universal applicability of this training. Praise be to God!

Dr. Nicolas Ellen

Professor of Biblical Counseling, College of Biblical Studies, Houston, TX

It was a wonderful experience to serve with OIC in Ukraine and in Lebanon in 2013. We learned that God will take you to places you never thought possible when you are willing to walk in faith.

A Wife’s Witness by Melissa C. Cumpio

The first few years of my marriage with Pastor Jones Cumpio had been a difficult period of adjustment for both of us.  He and I had been raised from totally different family backgrounds with a different set of values even though we both grew up, for the most part, in Christian homes and were discipled in Bible-believing Baptist churches.  We got married just as we crossed over from our late twenties to our thirties, which meant that we both had been single for quite some time and were used to making decisions for ourselves based on our own set of beliefs, routines, and preferences.  Needless to say, my husband struggled to love me, and I struggled to submit to him as Ephesians chapter 5 clearly teaches.  I was quite assertive, and I tended to be emotional and often excessively anxious.  He was impatient, short-tempered, and had difficulty communicating his thoughts and feelings.  Quarrels were usually followed by my crying spree or his silent treatment that could go on for days.

Because of my personal experience in consulting with psychiatrists and psychologists trained in clinical counseling due to my previously diagnosed obsessive-compulsive disorder, I encouraged my husband to join a support group and recovery program on anger management, which was offered in one of the large churches in the city, at the suggestion of my doctor.  He went.  He attended sessions faithfully every Saturday for about six months.  At the end of the program, all he gained was the realization of how his father’s failures may have been the reason for his inner struggle of harboring bitterness and his tendency to blow his temper.  That was it.  There was no solution offered.  Blame had been shifted to his father and the negative memories of his upbringing.  In other words, he came out of that program still frustrated with himself, still searching for answers about how he could help me overcome my anxiety disorder.

I don’t remember who it was that invited him to the first biblical counseling training conducted by OIC at the Word of Life Camp in Laguna in 2006.  What I remember very distinctly and quite fondly were two things – my husband’s radiant countenance when he came home after that three-day training, and my husband’s changed behavior in the days that followed.  It was the same every year after that.  Jones was changing, little by little, and I cherished those baby steps he was taking towards becoming more like Jesus.  His daily devotions and passion for Christ were revived.  He even began a personal Scripture memory program for himself wherein he memorized one verse a month. I could hear him at bedtime reciting the verses to himself, and I also saw him give effort to apply it in his life.  He became more patient, more understanding and able to express his thoughts, and most of all, more loving towards me and our children.  The Word of God has literally been transforming his life!  Because of the man of God he is becoming, it has become increasingly easier for me to trust him and God’s leadership through him, to submit to his decisions and instructions.  I said to myself, “Whatever it is that those trainers are doing to my husband, it’s working!”

Eventually, I also experienced how the truths of God’s Word healed me and set me free from my anxieties.  Jones patiently and lovingly walked me through the biblical counseling steps, correcting and teaching me how to conquer my fears.  Soon, I stopped taking my medication for my OCD and I also stopped consulting my psychiatrist because I saw that God’s Word is, indeed, enough for me to daily overcome.  I glorify God alone for His wonderful grace in our lives.

The changes in my husband, in me, and in our marriage and family life made me want to explore what made biblical counseling different.  Every time Jones would share with me the things he’d been learning from the OIC trainings, I struggled… because the assumptions and principles were very different from the ones I had learned in the university and even from seminars hosted by the evangelical Christian community here.  I resisted the idea that integrationist approaches really contradict the sufficiency of Scripture, telling my husband how I found that position to be narrow and biased.  I realize now that my initial reactions were due to my lack of understanding of the Bible’s teaching on the subject of counseling.  It took just the first day of Module 1 of BCT last 2014 at Higher Rock Christian Church, Manila, for the light bulb in my brain to turn on, as the Holy Spirit worked in my heart and opened my eyes to the truths from God’s Word.  After four modules of BCT, I can say that I have, like my husband before me, caught the vision of the biblical counseling movement that had swept America and has now reached our borders – one that is grounded on the sufficiency of the Bible, aimed at the transformation of the heart, and participated in by every believer in the Body of Christ.  It is my humble privilege and pleasure to be partnering with my husband in serving God through this challenging yet wonderful ministry of making disciples of Jesus Christ.

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