Introduction to Biblical Counseling Seminars

1534277_10205073689934155_6149147079422029241_nWho Initiates This Kind of Ministry?

Pastors and/or denominational leaders who desire to give their people an overview of biblical sufficiency-based personal ministry (and perhaps prompt a desire for more training) contact us to provide these fast-moving one-day seminars.

Who Should Attend?

Any and all believers! First, the leaders of the inviting church. Beyond that, our key audience is pastors of evangelical churches. Without denominational consideration, any pastors who believe that the Bible is the Word of God and sufficient to help people should be encouraged to come. And, of course, the key lay people in their churches should also attend. Finally, don’t forget the people working in para-church Christian ministry agencies, missionaries, ex-pats working in the area, etc. In other words – all the believers should be invited!

When Do These Seminars Take Place?

These seminars typically take place on Saturdays at the inviting/hosting church.

What Are the Topics Covered?

Introduction Seminar #1:

Introduction to Biblical Counseling  (9:00 am – 3:00 pm) NOTE: This seminar seeks to answer the question: “Biblical Counseling: What is it?”

  • counselingBiblical Counseling in Historical Context
  • Basic Questions and Answers About Biblical Counseling
  • What is “Biblical Counseling”
Introduction Seminar #2:

The Dynamics of Biblical Change  (9:00 am – 4:00 pm) 
NOTE: This seminar seeks to answer the question: “Biblical Counseling: How Do You Do It?”

  • A Brief Review
  • How People Change (An Overview)
  • How You Can Help People Change (The Seven Key Elements in the Process of Biblical Counseling)
  • Putting the Key Elements into Practice (A Case Study)
What Are the Costs?

OIC provides these seminars at no charge to the hosting local church. The church sets a registration fee for participants to cover its costs including lunch. Although not required, the host church occasionally provides an honorarium to the OIC representatives for their ministry.

Click Here to View a Sample Introduction to Biblical Counseling Seminar Flyer.

Note: On the flyer there is a red box which provides the location-specific information of the host church. If you need to use this form please make a copy and remove the copy from the Dropbox. Please leave the original Introduction to Biblical Counseling Seminar flyer in the Dropbox. Thanks!

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