Graduate Academic Degree Programs

The Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling is designed for those who desire to enhance ministry or teach at a college level with a focus in the area of counseling. A bachelor’s degree from a generally recognized college or university with a minimum of GPA of 3.0 is required. The program requires 60 hours including Bible, Theology, Hermeneutics, Research Methods and counseling related courses. The courses are normally completed in five years. Students are grouped into cohorts in a modular format. Objectives of the program include a general knowledge of the bible, a core of counseling classes, and an understanding of a theology that is biblical. Students are also instructed in the methods of research and writing.

Biblical Studies Core

The Biblical Studies Core is determined by the partnering Seminary.

Counseling Studies Core

Introduction to Biblical Counsel (3 credits)

The Dynamics of Biblical Change (3 credits)

Research Methods for Biblical Counseling(3 credits)

Hermeneutics for Biblical Counseling (3 credits)

The Counseling Process and Counseling Procedures (3 credits)

Counseling Laboratory (3 credits)

Marriage & Family Counseling (3 credits)

Biblical Counseling in the Local Church (3 credits)

Biblical Counseling and Medical Issues (3 credits)

Common Issues Addressed in Counseling (3 credits)

Biblical Counseling and Theology (3 credits)

Counseling Case Studies and Observation;

Counseling Practicum(6 credits)

Total Credit Hours:  39 credits


Course Descriptions

Introduction to Biblical Counseling – 3 credit hours

This course offers a general introduction to biblical sufficiency-based personal ministry. The biblical basis for biblical counseling will be examined, biblical counseling will be defined, and the goal of biblical counseling will be explained. Biblical counseling will be distinguished from both humanistic, psychologically-based systems and evangelical integrationist theories. The essential qualities of an effective soul care provider will be detailed.

The Dynamics of Biblical Change – 3 credit hours

This course describes various views of personal spiritual growth and offers a biblical view of progressive sanctification. The concept of motivation is explored from a biblical perspective. A biblical view of self and evangelical perspectives concerning the issue of forgiveness are explained.

Research Methods and Writing – 3 credit hours

This course explains academic research methodology and the method for writing academic research papers in proper form and style.

Hermeneutics for Biblical Counseling – 3 credit hours

This course provides advanced instruction on the principles of sound biblical interpretation and application.

The Counseling Process and Counseling Procedures – 3 credit hours

This course provides an overview of a comprehensive, biblical, methodological model for promoting God-glorifying change in people. It also details specific procedural aspects of the ministry skill of biblical counseling.

Counseling Laboratory – 3 credit hours

This course helps students learn counseling skills through the use of role-play and peer evaluation.

Marriage & Family Counseling – 3 credit hours

This course will consider such issues as dating/courtship, marriage proposals, functions of a family, premarital counseling, marital roles, communication, financial counseling, counseling victims of spousal abuse, rebuilding a marriage after an adulterous affair, dealing with sexual problems, and parent/child relationships.

Biblical Counseling in the Local Church – 3 credit hours

This course provides instruction on how to develop a local church corporate culture of personal discipleship, how to select and equip counselors in and for the local church, and how to establish a local church biblical counseling and training center.

Biblical Counseling and Medical Issues – 3 credit hours

This course is a survey of the physical and physiological factors that influence areas in a person’s life that may be of importance when counseling that person.

Common Issues Addressed in Biblical Counseling – 3 credit hours

This course will address a variety of the challenges faced by Christians. These may include but not be limited to the following: the nature of Christian life, anger, fear, depression, homosexuality, anxiety, eating disorders, incest, child abuse, counseling youth, crisis counseling, the role of women in counseling and issues unique to women, and legal issues in counseling. It will also explore the common counseling problems and situations faced by the pastor and detail some possible pitfalls especially faced in today’s social environment.

Biblical Counseling and Theology – 3 credit hours

This course offers a consideration of the theological issues that form the basis of a biblical approach to personal ministry. It will consider the theological, anthropological, and soteriological presuppositions of treatment theory and seek to bring a thoroughly biblical critique to their foundational assumptions and methodology.

Counseling Practicum – 6 credit hours

This course will include student participation in counseling as an observer, a counselor, and a counselee. The student’s counseling activity will be both peer-reviewed and instructor-supervised.

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