Church Leadership Training Programs

We offer Church Leadership Training programs in Biblical Counseling to strengthen the churches we serve. Our target audience is pastors and/or elders. Other church leaders – deacons, teachers, ministry leaders, leaders-in-training, are welcome to attend with their pastor or with their pastor’s endorsement.

Standard Modules

Module 1:
Biblical Counseling: What it is?

(Defining a Biblical Sufficiency-Based Model of Personal Ministry and the Nature of Personal Spiritual Growth)


  • A Brief Introduction to the Training Program
  • Biblical Counseling in Historical Context
  • Why Counsel – or Do Anything Else For GUA, March, '16od?
  • Testimony: How Training in Biblical Counseling Has Changed the Life, Family, and Ministry of One Man
  • Basic Questions and Answers About Biblical Counseling
  • What Makes Biblical Counseling Biblical?
  • The Doctrine of Spiritual Growth (Progressive Sanctification)
  • A Biblical View of Self
  • How People Change: An Overview
  • A Biblical Description of Heat
  • A Biblical Description of Thorns
  • A Biblical Description of the Cross
  • A Biblical Description of Fruit
  • The Sinful Heart and Some of the Resulting Consequences of Idolatry-Driven Sin
  • The Transformed Heart and Some of the Resulting Blessings of Worship-Motivated Obedience;
  • Instructions and Evaluation
  • Where Do We Go From Here? (including Projects for Growth)

Module 2:
IMG_2232Biblical Counseling: How Do You Do It?

(Teaching the Process and Procedures of Biblical Counseling)


  • A Quick Review of Some Things You Should Know
  • Personal Growth Testimonies
  • A Counseling Process Model
  • Key Element #1: Build the Relationship
  • Practicing Key Element #1: A Case Study
  • Key Element #2: Get the Facts
  • Practicing Key Element #2: A Case Study
  • Key Element #3: Generate Biblical Hope
  • Key Element #4: Define the Problem
  • Practicing Key Elements #3 & #4: A Case Study
  • Key Element #5: Teach the TruthIMG_7004
  • Key Element #6: Provide Some Accountability
  • Practicing Key Elements #5 & #6: A Case Study
  • Key Element #7: Plan Your Ministry
  • Putting It All Together: A Case Study
  • Counseling Procedures: Who Should You Counsel?
  • When and Where Should You Counsel?
  • Managing the Meetings from Beginning to End
  • Question and Answer Session
  • Where Do We Go From Here? (including Evaluation and Projects for Growth)

Module 3:
Biblical Counseling: How Do You Do It More Effectively?

(Addressing Common Counseling Issues from God’s Perspective)


  • Another Quick Review of Some Things You Should Already Know
  • Counseling Testimonies
  • Introduction: The Big Picture – Learning How To Avoid the Biggest Mistake Biblical Counselors Make

(There are a nearly endless number of so-called counseling “issues.” Those listed here are merely a sampling of some of those topics that have been covered in some of our programs. The topics covered in each location are determined by the national partner in collaboration with the OIC team serving that nation.)

Issues Related to Marriage and Family:

  • 14632919_360920217592336_5182317286575848641_nHow to Choose God’s Perfect Mate for Life
  • Understanding Biblical Forgiveness: An Essential Element in Marriage and in All the Rest of Life
  • Some Biblical Purposes for Marriage
  • Principles for Biblical Communication in Marriage (and Other Places)
  • God’s Perspective on Sexual Responsibilities in Marriage
  • Basic Principles of Parenting
  • Administering Loving Correction That Trains the Heart
  • Helping Adolescents and Teens Make Wise Decisions

Issues Related to the Emotions:

  • A Biblical View of Anger
  • Helping Those Struggling with Depression
  • How Can You Help the Fearful Believer?
  • Ministering to an Anxious or Worried Christian

14572166_360914624259562_5432267091920554911_nIssues Related to Relationships:

  • Understanding and Conquering the Fear of Man
  • Living in Joyful Submission to Imperfect Leadership
  • A Biblical Model of Peacekeeping

Other Issues:

  • Purity in a Perverse World
  • A Biblical Perspective on Spiritual Warfare
  • A Paradigm for Biblical Decision-Making
  • Counseling Believers in Critical and/or Traumatic Situations
  • Counseling Those in Sexual Sin
  • Counseling the Suffering
  • Soul Care for Discouraged Servants

Module 4:
Biblical Counseling: How Do You Share It?

(Developing a Local Church Biblical Counseling and Training Center)


  • A Final Review of Some Things You Should Already Know

Part One – Preparing the Soil: Developing a Corporate Culture for Personal

  • Three Foundational Considerations
  • How Does A Church Change Its Corporate Culture?
  • Three Characteristics of a Disciple-Making Church
  • Leadership That Produces Disciples

Part Two – Planting and Growing the Seedling: Selecting and Equipping Counselors Within and For the Local Church

  • Who? Identifying and Confirming Future Soul Care Providers
  • What? The Essential Elements in a Training Program
  • Responding to Requests for Counseling from Non-Members

15181268_10209766631494761_6557783006161525201_nPart Three – Managing the Harvest: Establishing a Counseling and Training Center

  • Why or Why Not? Good and Bad Reasons to Launch a Training Center for the Community and Other Churches
  • Churches Helping Churches: Building Relationships of Trust in the Christian Community
  • How Much? To Charge or Not to Charge?
  • Let’s Do It Together: A “Shared” Counseling Ministry Model
  • Evaluation and Testimonials
  • Ten Reasons I Still Love the Church!
  • Where Do We You Go From Here?

Optional Modules


(Overcoming Voluntary Slavery to Destructive Affections)


  • How Training in Biblical Counseling Changed the Life, Family, and Ministry of One Man
  • The Origin of “Addiction”
  • From Slavery to Freedom
  • Love of the World; Family Issues in Addiction
  • Unwilling Addicts: Divine Intervention
  • Willing Addicts: Disciple-Making
  • The Heart of Addiction; The Heart of Change
  • The Mind of an Addict: Matthew 22:37-40 (Part 1)
  • The Mind of an Addict: Ephesians 5:18-21 (Part 2)
  • Understanding Emotions: Anger, Bitterness, Depression (Part 1)
  • Understanding Emotions: Guilt & Shame to Forgiveness (Part 2)
  • Heart Problems: Men-Pleasing and Loneliness
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical Issues
  • Sexual Addiction
  • Putting the Past in Its Place
  • The Mind of Christ: A New Way to Be Human
  • Relapse Prevention: Fruit of Repentance
  • Importance of the Word, Prayer, and Local Church
  • Mission-al Mindset: Focusing on Others

Medical Issues:

(Thinking Biblically in a Diseased World)


  • IMG_2725God and Science: Friends or Enemies?
  • What Is the Relationship Between the Heart and the Brain?
  • What Is the Relationship Between Sin and Sickness?
  • The History and Validity of the DSM
  • What Are – and How Valid Is the Idea of – “Chemical Imbalances”?
  • Thinking Biblically About “Schizophrenia” and “Bipolar Disorder”
  • Thinking Biblically About Habits
  • Sickness and the Christian Worldview
  • A New Look at the Issue of Aging
  • Paul and James on the Use of Medicine
  • The Nature of Our Struggles
  • Tools for Battle (Applications for Counseling)

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