Tom & Patty Maxham, OIC東アフリカ局長

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Current Update on the OIC East Africa Ministry

c4b01544e3b0583c8c6f288ca40c185fUpdate for August 2016:

1. Event promotions
a. Shannon Hurley and Mark Malinga want to do a one day biblical counseling introduction for some of the pastors who will begin the training next year in Kampala. This is planned for December 17. Shannon will help Mark with his expenses. Mark is planning a second introduction event around this time as well. I plan to be in Uganda and take part in both events as well as visit people I’m getting know. Patty isn’t planning on accompanying me on this trip mostly due to caring for her 94-year-old mother who lives with us. She will be with me for the Modules.

b. Shannon meets with Baptists pastors twice a year to train them. This September he will be promoting the OIC training to begin in March. The OIC training in 2017/2018 will take the place of his twice a year pastor training.

2. Event locations
a. Currently, we have two training event locations. Kampala: Mark plans on using the Africa Renewal University classrooms where he is an instructor. Luweero: Shannon’s facility which is a new pastor’s conference center he has built on his property. Shannon regularly gets 80 pastors to his training events and has said this is what he is expecting.

591ce79575bec9eb3373616b4367f118b. I’ve made initial contact with a church in Jinga ( who I’m told has held a conference for Uganda missionaries. This church is very interested in hosting OIC training for the missionaries. Once I have you’re ok for this I’ll follow-up with them to get more clear on whether this is a really viable opportunity. But it looks like whether it’s lots of missionaries or a few pastors that this may be a third event location.

3. Teachers
We have lined up teachers for March: myself, Shannon, Mark, and Kevin Hurt (IABC).

4. Finances
Our financial needs have been covered to date and for the next couple of trips. We have two supporters giving $100 per month plus many more donations.

5. Prayer requests
We need and appreciate your ongoing prayers for OIC in Uganda.

Tom’s Story

I first learned about biblical counseling when I was given a book titled, How to Counsel God’s Way and soon after that read Competent to Counsel by Jay Adams. Ever since then I have recognized the sufficiency of God’s word for counseling. I believe that the concept of “sufficiency” sets apart true biblical counseling from all other types of counseling done by Christians. I’ve been counseling regularly since 2003. Early on, I realized that to lead this type of ministry I needed more training and so completed the Association of Biblical Counselors Association (ACBC) certification and a master of arts degree in biblical counseling from The Master’s College. I now counsel regularly within my local church and with the Institute for Biblical Counseling and Discipleship (IBCD). Biblical counseling has consistently resulted in my personal growth and miraculous change in the lives of struggling people in a way that truly brings God the glory.

I retired early from my position as a Deputy Fire Chief to be able to serve more full-time in ministry.  I currently serve as the pastor/elder of Adult Ministries with Grace Bible Church in Escondido, California (San Diego county). After attending OIC’s first Missionary Training Conference in Fairview Heights, IL, I knew that the ministry of OIC was definitely of interest to Patty and I. We now serve OIC as the East Africa Director.

Favorite verse: John 21:15

Patty’s Story

roysI see my primary role as my husband’s helpmate (Gn 2:18) and so to help with his ministry calling to care for the church; not only our home church, but also teaching the greater church. I’ve learned much about biblical counseling through “on-the-job” training by getting involved in the lives of many struggling people as I am often called to be in counseling with Tom and to pray with him. I love to see people provided with solid answers from Scripture and given hope by pointing them to Christ. I am also learning to care for others through discipling ladies in our church and as a former college instructor really enjoy teaching women’s Bible studies. As our children are grown, I am now blessed with grandchildren, using my love for music as a part of the Sunday morning worship team, and being a part of many church activities as a member of the women’s committee.

Favorite book: Galatians

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