28 12, 2022

Amy Gramly

I intern for OIC through serving as an administrative assistant for the Biblical Counseling Network which involves a variety of things from helping to draft brochures and emails, organizing and reviewing files, and so on. I was born in America, but grew in Sydney, Australia, and lived there for a total of 13 years, before

8 11, 2022

Hayden Rogers

Hey, my name is Hayden and I am currently a business student at Boyce College, the undergraduate college at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. I was born in California but I have also moved to Florida and Indiana along the way to ending up in Louisville, Kentucky.  In my free time, I enjoy skateboarding, photography,

8 11, 2022

Peter Martin

I am from Boise, Idaho and graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2016. After graduating, God began giving me a desire to be involved in missions in Latin America. During this time, I also began to read and learn about Biblical counseling. The more I learned, the more I found that it challenged

8 11, 2022

Ryan Cummings

I am from Illinois and am a senior at Boyce College.  Originally, I wanted to pursue sports journalism, but had a desire for ministry.  After going to Boyce, I decided I wanted to pursue full-time ministry to focus on high school and family discipleship.I am from Illinois and will be a senior at Boyce College.

8 11, 2022

Timothy Babatunde

My name is Timothy Babatunde. I am an international student from Nigeria. In May 2019, I graduated with my undergraduate degree with a focus in Church Ministry from Boyce College, the undergraduate college of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. I am currently working on an Advanced Master of Divinity in Christian Ministry at Southern. I

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