Tony Rappa

Tony Rappa, OIC Intern

Tony Rappa


My early years – eighteen to twenty-one years old – were spent in some of the toughest sales environments possible. I did everything from approaching tourists face-to-face to cold calling out of the phone book and even running a state-wide (Alabama) lead acquisition program. I’ve owned 3 successful businesses and have worked for the largest security software company as a liaison to development and support engineer. I also had the great joy of working with some of the most interesting and amazing people I’ve ever met at a small technical training company. I ran a sales and customer service team of fourteen remarkable individuals. My most recent experience entailed running a location for an online real estate marketing company. I directed sales, support, and every other aspect of the business for that location.

I very recently earned a bachelor’s degree in Christian Ministries and have decided to pursue a master’s in biblical counseling. This might sound strange when considering my extensive experience in the technical industry. Working with potential customers and exploring their needs, running teams of individuals, and giving them direction in their careers, along with the various teaching opportunities I’ve had (even teaching high school students for a year) have all led me to realize that I tend to shine most when I’m helping people discover their path. To do this from a Biblical perspective, with those that need more than just career advice, seems to me a purpose worth pursuing.

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