Olivia Hdija

Olivia Hdija

OIC France Coordinator

Born and raised in the Republic of Ireland, the Lord saved me while at University in England. Shortly after, I moved to the U.S. (Illinois) where I spent six years working as a physical therapist and growing in my faith.

In 2000, I was commissioned as a missionary and in 2003 I married my husband who is also in missions. We serve in France, using media to bring the Gospel to a sensitive people group. We have been blessed with four children. As the children grew, I became more active in the ministry, particularly in member care and leadership development. In 2018, I completed a master’s degree in biblical counseling with O.I.C. at Kyiv Theological Seminary, Ukraine. Since 2016, I helped coordinate O.I.C. C.L.T.’s in France, translating materials into French and being the bi-lingual point person between Don Roy/Mark Mann and French pastors.

Our mission underwent global restructuring in 2022 and in the process, my ministry position ceased to exist. I was told that I could not do counseling as my main ministry as it does not match the mission’s vision. I therefore approached O.I.C. about coming on staff in order to continue the flourishing counseling ministry the Lord has blessed through my local church in France. Led by my pastor, we created the French Institute of Biblical Counseling in Dec. 2022. O.I.C. has been a pioneer in biblical counseling in France, and I am privileged and excited to be a part of the OIC team working with Mark and Barbara Mann.

To God be the glory!

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