Javan & Lindsay Payne

Javan & Lindsay Payne

Greece, Utah, Puerto Rico

Javan and Lindsay long to see what God has done in their hearts done in the nations around the world. They have always had missionary hearts as well as hearts that long to see people embrace the sufficiency of God’s word for all of life. These dual desires have led them to work with OIC to see the nations of the world embrace the reality that people have all that they need in Christ for life and godliness (2 Pet. 1:3).

In early 2018, Javan and Lindsay went to El Salvador to observe the ministry of OIC in action. Following that trip,  Javan & Lindsay consented to work with Dr. Don Roy to begin the new field of Italy. We are very excited to see the ministry of biblical counseling embraced throughout Europe. Please pray for Javan and Lindsay as they begin this new field.

Javan & Lindsay’s Story

A major life changing season for both Javan and Lindsay was learning about biblical counseling while studying at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Javan was pursing his Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling and graduated in 2012. It was during that time that both began to understand that their biggest problems were not outside themselves but in their own hearts. God’s word sufficiently addresses the heart! Both began to stop asking God to “change the circumstances” and began asking “what does God want to do and change in our hearts through these circumstances?” This dramatic change created a desire and longing to see others understand the same realities.

After completing his Master of Arts and ACBC certification, Javan and his family moved to Utah where he has been serving as a church planter for six years now.  As part of the Payne’s church ministry, they began a ministry called Utah Biblical Counseling. The purpose of the ministry is to help equip churches and Christians to present every believer mature in Christ (Col. 1:28). This is also their small part in helping equip the Church in Utah to do the work of ministry and be able to reach the dark place.  Javan will completed a Master of Divinity in Christian Ministry in May 2019.

Javan’s greatest desire is to please Christ and be like Him and one of the primary ways that God is accomplishing that in his heart is through counseling. Ministering as a biblical counselor has made Javan a better husband, father, friend, pastor, church member, evangelist, and neighbor. It was been a joy for Javan and Lindsay to grow together in their understanding of the sufficiency of scripture and to watch others grow as well.

Javan and Lindsay have four children. Lindsay is privileged to educate her children at home and is pursuing an ACBC certification.

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