Tarkus & Autumn Mossberg, OIC宣教師・アット・ラージ

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Current Update on the Missionaries-at-Large Ministry

Tarkus & Autumn sqThat’s right! We are Missionaries at Large! While we are in the process of completing our Master of Arts Degrees in Biblical Counseling at The Master’s College in Santa Clarita, California, we are without a designated field of service.

Our first ministry was with Rod & Mary Huber in the Philippines. The location for this ministry spanned three islands: Mindanao, Luzon, and Cebu.

Last August, we had the privilege of representing OIC at the IABC (International Association of Biblical Counselors) National Bible Conference in Denver. God provided several appointments with interested leaders and biblical counselors in the Biblical Counseling Movement. The fruit from this type of event is not easily quantified, but providentially God’s economy is different than our own. We trust in Him and rejoice for the intangible fruit of strengthened relationships and that the tangible fruit of potential instructors will continue to surface.

Our next challenge was that of Missionary Training Conference Coordinators. Praise be to God for 27 people in attendance December 2015 at the 2nd annual OIC Missionary Training Conference in Houston. It was a wonderful time of fellowship with current and potential instructors. The Lord answered your prayers for safety and ease with the logistical preparations. We were blessed with two onsite liaisons, Steve and Judy Cranston, who helped to make it possible for the event to run smoothly. Even the electronic equipment was able to be setup with minimal problems. May God continue to press upon the hearts of those in attendance to serve Him through the ministry of OIC.

Our next ministry opportunity with OIC was scheduled to be with Don & Elizabeth Roy in the Netherlands and Germany in April of 2016. Instead, the Lord shifted our plans to assist with the OIC CLT programs in Amsterdam and Paris.

Tarkus’ Story

At age 19 I joined Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and eventually began “discipling” other newcomers. Using “the program,” I became sober and believed in som11018646_10152806264028843_7330656693240184716_ne higher being than myself, though I had yet to believe in the one true God. Even after the Lord chose me to follow Him, I still continued my “ministry” in AA hoping to influence Christians and be a light in that world. I had been indoctrinated into the AA way of thinking, which at its bare foundations contradicts God’s Word. So for 21 years I “counseled” alcoholics within AA, unaware of the dangers I was posing. Until the Lord opened my eyes March 2010 with the exposition of 2 Corinthians 6:14, “Do not be bound together with unbelievers; for what partnership have righteousness and lawlessness, or what fellowship has light with darkness?” I was yoking myself
to other unbelievers in ministry, which God clearly says cannot happen. I quickly saw my need to learn God’s standard of counseling, so I set on journey to study it by
achieving a Masters degree in Biblical Counseling. Through that program, God has cultivated in me a desire to train and equip others to use His Word practically. When I realized the desperate need for biblical counseling exposure outside America, my heart was stirred. OIC was a natural fit. I am blessed to come alongside seasoned counselors and teachers to train European nationals in Biblical Counseling.

Autumn’s Story

11196237_10152955032248843_6082728781625647404_nI believe God has called me to build spiritual bridges in the lives of His children. In 2007, God started cultivating my heart for overseas missionary work while I was attending a one year discipleship program. However, I was not sure how those two would work together. In 2009, after a broken engagement, I received some biblical counsel. From this experience and the God-given desire to guide and direct others in His Word, I realized the need to become trained in wielding God’s Word to the problems and concerns of daily life. So in 2011 I started pursuing a Masters degree in Biblical Counseling. When my husband and I were introduced to OIC, the call to “bridge building,” missionary work, and biblical counseling came into focus. I am blessed to come alongside my husband, in life and in ministry, taking care of the nitty gritty. I am also blessed to be provided with many opportunities to speak into the lives of women locally and abroad.

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