19 12, 2022

NTCGS MABC: Foundations of Biblical Counseling

Foundations of Biblical Counseling This course offers a general introduction to biblical sufficiency-based personal ministry. The biblical basis for biblical counseling will be examined, biblical counseling will be defined, and the goal of biblical counseling will be explained. Biblical counseling will be distinguished from both humanistic, psychologically-based systems and evangelical integrationist theories. The essential qualities of an effective soul care provider will be detailed.

15 02, 2022

CLT Modules 3 & 4: Kajjansi, Uganda

Module 3 Biblical Counseling: How Do You Do It More Effectively? (Addressing Common Counseling Issues from God’s Perspective) Module 4 Biblical Counseling: How Do You Share It? (Developing a Local Church Biblical Counseling and Training Center)

7 05, 2021

The Love of the Lord Brings Light and Life

Both Tom and Patty have had a heart to serve in Uganda since the Lord called them to a life in the ministry of biblical soul care. Being local Southern Californians, Their passion for ministry at home matches one of their hearts’ greatest desires, to see the ministry of the Word taught to local pastors in Uganda so their churches are strengthened and more lives are brought to Christ.

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