KTS MABC Cohort 5: The Dynamics of Biblical Change

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The Dynamics of Biblical Change: Taught by Jerry Benge This course describes various views of personal spiritual growth and offers a biblical view of progressive sanctification. The concept of motivation is explored from a biblical perspective. A biblical view of self and evangelical perspectives concerning the issue of forgiveness are explained.

KTS MABC Cohort 4: Common Issues Addressed in Counseling

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Common Issues Addressed in Counseling: This course will address a variety of the challenges faced by Christians. These may include but not be limited to the following: the nature of Christian life, anger, fear, depression, homosexuality, anxiety, eating disorders, incest, child abuse, counseling youth, crisis counseling, the role of women in counseling and issues unique to women, and legal issues in counseling. It will also explore the common counseling problems and situations faced by the pastor and detail some possible pitfalls especially faced in today’s social environment.

KTS MABC Cohort 4: Marriage & Family Counseling

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Marriage & Family Counseling: This course will consider such issues as dating/courtship, marriage proposals, functions of a family, premarital counseling, marital roles, communication, financial counseling, counseling victims of spousal abuse, rebuilding a marriage after an adulterous affair, dealing with sexual problems, and parent/child relationships.

DBS MABC: A History and Analysis of Personal Ministry Systems

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Dr. Don Roy will be teaching A History and Analysis of Personal Ministry Systems to the MABC student of Doane Baptist Seminary.

NTCGS MBC: Introduction to Biblical Counseling,

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Introduction to Biblical Counseling – 3 credit hours - Dr. Wayne Vanderwier, Professor This course offers a general introduction to biblical sufficiency-based personal ministry. The biblical basis for biblical counseling will be examined, biblical counseling will be defined, and the goal of biblical counseling will be explained. Biblical counseling will be distinguished from both humanistic, psychologically-based systems and evangelical integrationist theories. The essential qualities of an effective soul care provider will be detailed.

KTS MABC Cohort 4: Biblical Counseling and Medical Issues

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Biblical Counseling and Medical Issues – Dr. Kurt Grady, professor. This course is a survey of the physical and physiological factors that influence areas in a person’s life that may be of importance when counseling that person.