Afraid to “Counsel”? Stop It!

One of my greatest joys is watching God change lives. That statement could probably be made by all of us in the biblical counseling movement. For most of us that would mean watching God change the lives of our counselees by revealing the focus of their idolatrous heart, graciously bringing them to brokenness and repentance, and patiently transforming their heart’s desires through the work of the Holy Spirit as the biblical counselor skillfully teaches and applies the Scriptures. But that first statement means something different for me.

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Biblical Counseling Training in the Middle East

Because we’ve just returned from extended ministry with our Arab brothers and sisters, that part of the world is, today, especially on our hearts. In partnership with a well-respected, regionally-accredited, Christian academic institution (the largest in the Middle East), OIC currently directs graduate degree programs (Master of Biblical Counseling) in both Egypt and Lebanon. A similar program is scheduled to begin in Jordan in Fall, 2014.

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