KTS Cohort 6

19 06, 2020

KTS MABC Cohort 6: Introduction to Biblical Counseling

Introduction to Biblical Counseling – 3 credit hours This course offers a general introduction to biblical sufficiency-based personal ministry. The biblical basis for biblical counseling will be examined, biblical counseling will be defined, and the goal of biblical counseling will be explained. Biblical counseling will be distinguished from both humanistic, psychologically-based systems and evangelical integrationist theories. The essential qualities of an effective soul care provider will be detailed.

19 06, 2020

KTS MABC Cohort 6: Dynamics of Biblical Counseling

Overseas Instruction in Counseling MABC course. The Dynamics of Biblical Change – 3 credit hours This course describes various views of personal spiritual growth and offers a biblical view of progressive sanctification. The concept of motivation is explored from a biblical perspective. A biblical view of self and evangelical perspectives concerning the issue of forgiveness

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