The role of Country Coordinator is a crucial role available to anyone who is ACBC certified, has counseling ministry experience, and desires to have regular connection with pastors and ministry leaders in a specific country or region of the world to help them learn to be biblical counseling trainers to their people. Once a region or country is paired with the Country Coordinator, he or she is responsible for working with our staff and the local host(s) to oversee and teach at our Church Leadership Training program modules in country as well as any other counseling training events planned.

Many of our Country Coordinators are known and recruited by an OIC, however anyone qualified can serve with us to help organize in-country events and do teaching. This role can be extremely exciting in that you will have opportunities to connect with local pastors, elders, and other church leaders to help them flourish as biblical disciplemakers where they are. In addition, you will have opportunities to connect with and encourage our Associate Teachers and our interns as they teaching and/or serve with you in this ministry.


The Country Coordinator:

  • has a main role in organizing and overseeing our Church Leadership Training modular program in a given country or region of the world
  • will be able to teach all module sessions (see the Modules Topics here)
  • will be responsible to select and coordinate with available OIC Associate Teachers for assistance in teaching CLT module sessions
  • will engage with CLT event attendees, including pastors and elders, other church leaders, and other individuals brought by their church leaders for training, during both the formal training sessions as well as informal gathering times, such as meal breaks
  • will have a desire to help God’s people across the world to be trained to biblically counsel as well as to train others to counsel biblically
  • will be responsible for fundraising any travel costs to and from the CLT events you oversee


An OIC Country Coordinator should have the following general qualifications and qualities:

  • ACBC or IABC certification
  • Significant positive ministry experience
  • A compelling style of presentation (in other words – be an interesting and engaging teacher!)
  • Ability to travel internationally, including current passport

If you are interested in becoming a Country Coordinator for OIC, please complete and submit the following contact form and our Director of Operations, Gary Meeks, will connect with you directly regarding the first steps in the process: