Biblical Counseling Resources

Biblical Counseling Resources

Below are links to other Biblical Counseling ministries that provide training, resources and international theological education.

For nearly 40 years, the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (formerly known as the National Association of Nouthetic Counselors) has been certifying biblical counselors to ensure doctrinal integrity and to promote excellence in biblical counseling.

The Biblical Counseling Coalition exists to multiply the ministry of the biblical counseling movement by strengthening churches, para-church organizations, and educational institutions through promoting unity and excellence in biblical counseling. Their mission is to foster collaborative relationships and to provide robust, relevant biblical resources that equip the Body of Christ to change lives with Christ’s changeless truth through the personal ministry of the Word.

Julie Ganschow, the main contributor of this blog, has been involved in Biblical Counseling and Discipleship for more than 20 years. She is passionate about the critical need for heart change in a person who desires change in their life. Julie is the founder and Director of Reigning Grace Counseling Center (ACBC,and IABC Certified Training Center) and Biblical Counseling for Women. She has been writing this blog on counseling issues women face since 2008. In January 2016 the BC4Women blog expanded to include other women’s voices from the Biblical Counseling community.

 Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation exists to serve others. They are honored to help pastors, counselors, and leaders all over the world. Their mission is to restore Christ to counseling and counseling to the church by thinking biblically about the issues of living.

One of the distinctives of the International Association of Biblical Counselors is their International Ministries.  To date, IABC has had the privilege of ministering in Romania, Uganda, Brazil, and other countries throughout the world.  In addition to the training conferences we’ve offered, IABC has Certified Biblical Counselors and/or IABC Members in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Ireland, and Namibia.  IABC is also reaching into the Amish communities through Biblical Counseling training.

The Institute for Biblical Counseling & Discipleship (IBCD) exists to serve churches, organizations and individuals who share a passion to see believers equipped to counsel one another through life’s struggles with the Word of God. We do this by offering training through our Care & Discipleship program, as well as offering events and free resources that are helpful to anyone interested in learning how to better help others.

One-Eighty Counseling & Education exists to strengthen the local church’s ability to provide biblical soul-care to its people by providing Scripture-based discipleship counseling training through seminars, counseling services and practical, life-changing resources.

Paul David Tripp is a pastor, author and conference speaker. He is the president of Paul Tripp Ministries and works to connect the transforming power of Jesus Christ to everyday life. This vision has led Paul to write 16 books on Christian living, produce 14 teaching series and travel around the world speaking at events. Paul’s driving passion is to help people understand how the gospel of Jesus Christ speaks with practical hope into all the things people experience in this broken world.

Most Christians care deeply but struggle to speak the truth in love. RPM Ministries exists to equip pastors, lay people, educators, students, and biblical counselors to change lives with Christ’s changeless truth through Christ-centered, church-based, comprehensive, compassionate, and culturally-informed biblical counseling.

Rick is an author, speaker, consultant, teacher, and podcaster. He has been encouraging and training Christians since 1997. His ministry’s mission is to help people by providing practical tools and ongoing training for effective living. Today his organization reaches people globally through his cyber home.

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