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OIC Japan Summer Webinar

Troubled Lives and The Sufficiency of Christ and His Word

to Provide Help and Hope
Translation into Japanese Provided

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What can you do when a Christian friend is struggling?

Hello friends, my name is Dr. Joe Miller from Overseas Instruction in Counseling.

I want to extend to you an invitation to our Japan Summer Biblical Counseling Webinar. The title is: Troubled Lives and The Sufficiency of Christ and His Word to Provide Help and Hope.


This LIVE webinar will answer some critical questions that our society is facing today:   

  • What do the Scriptures have to say about various  aspects and issues of life?
  • What instruction, encouragement, help and hope do the Scriptures provide?
  • How should Christians and the local church leaders think about prevalent issues occurring in our society today?

This webinar includes lectures from highly credentialed leaders in the international biblical counseling movement.  This webinar is available to everyone who is interested in how the Scriptures and the local church can be a source of help and hope for those in need both inside and outside your church.

This is a two-day event, with two sessions on Friday, June 26 and four sessions on Saturday, June 27.  You can attend any session you would like.  You do not have to attend all the sessions.

The Friday program is scheduled for 7:30 to 9:30pm (JST). Our Saturday sessions will be held from 1pm to 6:00pm (JST).

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And here is the best news: The cost of this Webinar is FREE. The webinar materials that you will receive are also free. But there is a limit to the number of participants we can accommodate, so you will want to make your reservation soon.


Dates & Times:

  • June 26, Friday Evening: 2-Sessions (Japan Time: 7:30-9:30pm)
  • June 27, Saturday Afternoon: 5 Sessions (Japan Time 1pm-6pm)

[At the end of each session there will be time for Q&A]


7 Sessions Include (***English & Japanese audio channels):

  1. What Is Biblical Counseling? – Are the Scriptures and is the local church sufficient to address difficult issues of life faced by individuals, marriages, and families?  |  セッション1:聖書に基づいたカウンセリングとは何か? ― 聖書と教会は、一人ひとりが抱えている問題や、夫婦や家族が直面している難しい状況を助けるのに充分か?  – Dr. Wayne Vanderwier (see bio)
  2. Idols of the Heart – Part 1: Pornography  |  セッション2:心の偶像-その1:ポルノや性的な罪 – Bill Hines (see bio)
  3. Idols of the Heart – Part 2: Homosexuality  |  セッション3:心の偶像-その2:同性愛 – Don Roy (see bio)
  4. Singleness  |  セッション4:独身 – Betty-Anne Van Rees (see bio)
  5. Fear & Anxiety – Part 1: Covid-19  |  セッション5:恐れと不安-その1:新型コロナウイルス – Andrew Rogers (see bio)
  6. Fear & Anxiety – Part 2: Hikikomori  |  セッション6:恐れと不安-その2:ひきこもり – Erisa Funada (see bio)
  7. Final Q& A and Concluding Review & Challenge  |  セッション7:質疑応答、結論、これからの課題 – All available teachers


Please click here to register.

We look forward to seeing you at the webinar!


OIC Japan Summer Webinar Organizers:


Joe & Tara Miller main profile image
Dr. Joe Miller, OIC Japan National Coordinator
M.Div. from The Master’s Seminary in Los Angeles, CA. Doctorate in Biblical Counseling from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, in Louisville, KY. Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC) certification in 2015. Certified with International Association of Biblical Counselors in 2016.


Takayuki Hayashi, Uchinada Bible Church Pastor

Coordinator in Japan for the OIC Japan Summer Webinar


M.A. in Pastoral Studies from Bob Jones Seminar in Greenville, SC. Currently a Pastor at Uchinada Bible Church in Ishikawa, Japan, ministering with his wife, Sarah.2010 年アメリカ、ボブジョーンズ大学院神学部牧師学科卒業。幼少期、日本とアメリカ間を父親の仕事の関係で行き来し、2005 年ボブジョーンズ大学入学。大学二年目に、イエス・キリストを自分の救い主として信じる。2009 年ボブジョーンズ大学専攻国際経済学、第二専攻中国語終了後、2009 年神学校入学。卒業後、2011 年からカナダのブリティッシュコロンビア州・ビクトリー教会副牧師。2015 年から半年間内灘聖書教会研修牧師。2016 年カナダのブリティッシュコロンビア州・ブリッジ教会説教伝道ミッション牧師。2018年から石川県の内灘聖書教会牧師。


OIC Japan Summer Webinar Teachers:


Erisa Funada, M.A.B.C.

Erisa is teaching:

Session 6: Fear & Anxiety – Part 2: Hikikomori

About Erisa:
Biblical Counseling(聖書的カウンセリング)専攻で、米国ウィスコンシン州マラナサ大学にて学士号を、カリフォルニア州マスターズ大学大学院にて修士号を取得。米国ACBC(Association of Certified Biblical Counselors)認定カウンセラー。2017年にChrist Bible Institute Pressより出版された、「互いに助け合うために」(Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands)の翻訳者。現在、2歳児の子育てに奮闘中。

B.A. in biblical counseling from Maranatha Baptist University, WI; M.A. in biblical counseling from the Master’s University, CA. A certified counselor with ACBC (Association of Certified Biblical Counselors). In 2017, she translated “Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands” into Japanese, published by Christ Bible Institute Press. She is a learning mother in raising a two-year-old.


Bill Hines, D. Min., President Covenant Ministries, Inc.

Bill is teaching:

Session 2: Idols of the Heart – Part 1: Pornography

About Bill:
B.A. Political Science; M.A. Counseling; M.A. Religion; D.Min. Counseling) is the President of Covenant Ministries, Inc., a biblical counseling, education and Christian media ministry in Ft. Worth, Texas.

Author of, Leaving Yesterday Behind: A Victim No More; Homework CD for Biblical Counseling; Curing the Heart: A Model for Biblical Counseling (with Dr. Howard A. Eyrich); The Pursuit of Perfection (with Mark Shaw) and the forthcoming, Paul the Counselor (Mark Shaw, Bill Hines contributing editors).

A frequent speaker on topics concerning counseling and the Christian life, Bill has conducted seminars and training in the U.S. and abroad. Bill has assisted Dr. Randall Price with tours to Israel and Jordan including a dig at Qumran, the site of numerous archaeological finds such as the Dead Sea Scrolls. In addition to his work with Covenant Ministries Bill has served as a Counselor and Trainer of Counselors with Christ Chapel Bible Church in Ft. Worth, TX and serves as adjunct faculty and Dean Emeritus for Master’s International Divinity School.

An ordained minister since 1985 Bill is on the Advisory Board and Member of the American Academy of Biblical Counselors and is a long time member of The Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (formerly NANC).


Andrew & Jenny Rogers main profile image
Dr. Andrew Rogers, OIC Executive Director

Andrew is teaching:

Session 5: Fear & Anxiety – Part 1: Covid-19

About Andrew:
Frequent ministry with OIC as both an Associate Teacher in our Church Leadership Training programs; Caspian Region, Jordan, and Utah, and as an Adjunct Faculty member in our Graduate Academic Degree programs; Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Ukraine, and the Philippines.
We are currently providing this training in Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon, through the National Theological College and Graduate School of Lexington, North Carolina; in Ukraine through the Kyiv Theological Seminary, Kyiv, Ukraine; in the Philippines through Doane Baptist Seminary, Iloilo, Philippines, and through the Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Cavite, Philippines.
We are very excited to see how the Lord is using this training to further strengthen the pastors and Christian leaders in these and surrounding countries.


Don & Elizabeth Roy main profile image
Dr. Don Roy, OIC Madagascar Coordinator & Missions Administrator
Don is teaching:
Session 3: Idols of the Heart – Part 2: Homosexuality
About Don:
In the past few years, we’ve been able to teach the entire Church Leadership Training (CLT) course in churches in the Netherlands, France, Germany and to help start a CLT in Italy. We’re now in the process of a major shift – away from Europe, where OIC now has other wonderful country coordinators – and to Madagascar.
In the work as Missions Administrator, God has allowed my passion for organization to aid the ministry of Overseas Instruction in Counseling through the collation of presentation materials and managing the calendar.


Betty-Anne Van Rees, M.A.B.C.

Betty Anne is teaching:

Session 4: Singleness


About Betty Anne:
Betty-Anne serves the local church in discipleship roles that include speaking, teaching, mentoring, counselling, and training biblical counselors. Fueled by her passion to see the Canadian church convinced and equipped to care for souls through the living Word (both Incarnate and inspired), Betty-Anne has worked together with a team of like-minded men and women to launch the Canadian Biblical Counseling Coalition (Canadian BCC). The roles closest to Betty-Anne’s heart are mom to Laura, Joshua and his wife Jenni, and grandma to Emma and Ethan.


Wayne & Susie Vanderwier main profile image
Dr. Wayne Vanderwier, OIC Director at Large

Wayne is teaching:

Session 1: What Is Biblical Counseling? – Are the Scriptures and is the local church sufficient to address difficult issues of life faced by individuals, marriages, and families?

About Wayne:
Wayne and Susie founded the ministry of Overseas Instruction in Counseling in 2006.
Wayne served as Executive Director of OIC from its inception until October of 2019. His new role, Director-at-Large, includes building Biblically healthy relationships with churches and theological schools, completing the OIC strategic objective in nations around the world, and training both OIC missionaries and national pastors. He also serves as the International Ministry Team Leader on the Council Board of the Biblical Counseling Coalition. He is Dean of the Master in Biblical Counseling program at the National Theological College and Graduate School and Director of the Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling program at Kyiv Theological Seminary in Kiev, Ukraine and Doane Baptist Seminary in Iloilo, Philippines.
Since the inception of OIC, Wayne and Susie have traveled to thirty-nine countries representing OIC.

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