8 09, 2019

Toward a Comprehensive Plan for the Continuing Education of Certified Biblical Counselors, Part 2

Part Two of this article is simply a copy of the certification maintenance protocol that has been created and is being enacted by Biblical Soul Care Philippines, one of the by-nationals, for-nationals, culture-specific, biblical counseling certification organizations created through the work of Overseas Instruction in Counseling in fulfillment of its strategic objective.

9 07, 2015

5 Practical Steps for Cross-Cultural Equipping: An Appeal for Curriculum Flexibility in Overseas Training

American ethnocentricity can have devastating consequences. To be clear, I’m an American. And I’m grateful for the blessings God has made available to me as an American. One of those favors is that, like most of the people reading this blog, God has given me the privilege of having some training in biblical counseling. And,

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