Dr. Andrew & Jenny Rogers, OIC Director of Academic Programs

Overseas Instruction in Counseling offers the opportunity for partnering seminaries to provide a Master of Arts Degree in Biblical Counseling by connecting vetted instructors who teach the 9 lecture courses necessary for this degree. In addition, the students complete a six credit hour practicum. We are currently providing this training in Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon, through the National Theological College and Graduate School of Lexington, North Carolina; in Ukraine through the Kyiv Theological Seminary, Kyiv, Ukraine; in the Philippines through Doane Baptist Seminary, Iloilo, Philippines, and through the Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Cavite, Philippines. We are very excited to see how the Lord is using this training to further strengthen the pastors and christian leaders in these and surrounding countries.

We need and appreciate your ongoing prayers for the OIC Graduate Programs worldwide.

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Andrew & Jenny’s Story

Dr. Andrew Rogers is the Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator for Biblical Counseling at Boyce College, Louisville, Kentucky. He is a fellow with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors and serves on their board of directors. In addition to his responsibilities with OIC, Andrew is also a member of the Biblical Counseling Coalition.

Andrew & Jenny have four children.

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