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Our Mission

Overseas Instruction in Counseling exists to train pastors and Christian leaders in countries around the world to be compassionate, humble, and wise Biblical counseling trainers of Biblical counseling trainers.

Our convictions arise from our belief that the Christian Bible is the sufficient, authoritative, and relevant Word of God that provides wisdom for all aspects and facets of life for all people everywhere. God, by His Spirit, works to transform the hearts, minds, and lives of people as they come to know Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and learn to live as He says is right, good, and wholesome in the Bible. Our team members love people and delight in taking every opportunity to train believers in Biblical counseling and discipleship ministry for the strengthening of local churches across the globe.

The Podcast

We love to share what the Lord is doing around the world through biblical counselors and biblical counseling training. You can listen to recent stories and testimonies here: